Bridge2Paradise offers exceptional property opportunities, within residential and commercial developments.

With the island of Paros becoming an ideal top tourist destination, and with many real estate/construction companies on the island…
why choose us?
It’s simple… we are just like you!
Even though our family originated on this beautiful island, we grew up abroad. Where we aren’t a stranger to Paros, we are still technically a visitor, and therefore view things a bit different than the locals do. What we offer you, the client, is a different perspective and a different approach to everything. From real estate to construction, from property management to property maintenance and to the miscellaneous services we offer, you can rest assured that our primary focus is your satisfaction! We believe the nucleus to any positive business relationship, is trust. We also believe that through that trust comes a long-lasting friendship, which can prove vital on a small island. So why not take a chance on us. This can turn out to be one of the best decisions you have ever made.

Nikos Kapoutsos

Allow me to introduce myself…

My family originated on this beautiful island of Paros. Their origin dates back to the late 1700’s. My grandfather was a master builder on Paros, and many of the structures he built still exist today.

My father along with his four brothers, migrated to the United States of America in 1960. They continued working in construction, and became a force to reckon with.  By 1970, they had one of the largest construction companies on the east coast of America. I, along with a few of my cousins grew up in the construction industry. After years of the older generation working together, they finally went their separate ways.

Where most of my cousins followed suit, I remained loyal to the industry and branched out into building and developing. During a 20
year span I have also renovated many existing homes, apartment buildings, commercial buildings and historical sites.

So you may ask why did I start “Bridge 2 Paradise” on Paros? Besides the fact that my heart has always been drawn to Paros and its beauty, I have always wanted to continue the legacy my grandfather worked so hard to achieve. When I finally decided it was time to make that transition to Paros, I learned a lot while I purchased my own property in Lefkes – the area of my ancestry.

In both, transforming the beauty of Paros, as well as serving as a trustworthy bi-lingual liaison for prospective investors who have a dream to own and build on our beautiful island… “Bridge to Paradise” was born.

 For two consecutive years, Paros has been selected as “Best Island in Europe!”.

This is a prefect time to invest in the future of Paros.

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