So now you’ve finally purchased land on the beautiful island of Paros, and you’re contemplating building your dream house. The only problem is that you don’t really know anyone, or who to trust. You’re also not familiar with the local laws, the building codes and permits, and aren’t knowledgeable with the construction costs. This is a tough spot to be in.



We know, we were there as well

Through our own frustrations, as well as paying more than we should’ve, we are very capable of ensuring you won’t go down the same roads we did. We offer honesty, open communication and extremely competitive pricing.

Our full-service team is based in Athens, Antiparos and Paros

We offer “in-house” architects, engineers and topographers

We offer design and construction

We offer supervision, and consultation services

We walk you through every step of the process to acquiring all necessary permits; through each phase of construction; to interior design and landscaping. We are there for you!

Paros Construction Consultant

Bridge 2 Paradise

We were successful for almost 20 years in New York,
we know what it takes

  • Our team will:
    1. Spend as much time as needed, to thoroughly understand your vision
    2. Spend quality time designing and sketching your dream home
    3. Send 3-D graphics, so you can fully comprehend your vision… and our work
    4. Acquire necessary permits and filing fees
  • We will represent you as your construction consultant

  1. We will screen and hire competent subcontractors for all aspects of the construction project

  2. We will supervise the craftsmanship of the various trades – on a daily basis

  3. We will utilize our lifelong expertise and knowledge in the construction industry

  4. We will set out a time-frame at the onset of the project, and ensure the trades are diligently working to meet their deadlines

  5. We will be in direct contact with you on a weekly basis/bi-monthly basis/monthly basis… whatever is needed

  6. We will submit to you photos, emails and progress reports on a weekly basis