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Deciding on where to settle on Paros can be difficult and frustrating. This is largely due to the fact that the island offers different views, all which hold their own unique beauty. From the busy port/capital of Paroikia, to the luxurious fishing port of Naoussa. From the serene and peaceful mountains of the ancient town of Lefkes, to the southern parts of the island which has the most beaches. Anywhere you select to live will be amazing, offer incredible views and will eventually be that place you call “home”.



Our knowledge and experience of the real estate industry was first obtained in New York, and we quickly learned the “ins” and “outs” of Paros

The name Cyclades refers to the islands “circling” the sacred island of Delos. Paros is one of the largest and has over 1 million tourists per year.

Besides purchasing property to build your dream home, Paros’ tourism is rapidly growing. Changes to Paros’s infrastructure are underway. BY the end of
2023, our airport will become international – 43 million euros was granted from the government, for this expansion. Also around the same time, Paros will have (5) five marinas/harbors – which will enable sea travel from basically every part of the island. Inner talks have also begun, which concentrate on the construction of a hospital.

The worth of the land is increasing – property purchased in 2018, has tripled in value. There
are currently 5,000 new construction permits.

The worth of the land is increasing.

We will recommend a trustworthy notary, to deal with the actual closing

We will assist with the necessary due diligence, prior to closing – securing a new topography, retrieving the prior deed, etc.

We will be with you at the closing, ensuring that it is a smooth transaction, for all involved

Although we are based on Paros, our services of buying or selling land expand throughout the Cycladic islands.

Please visit our Real Estate website, with a complete listing of land/houses/villas/apartments/commercial properties at:

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You can trust us to oversee your investments

  1. We will represent you in finding and purchasing land
  2. We will inform you of the pros and cons with each geographical location around the island, and assist you in making the best decision which best meets your needs
  3. We will maintain our loyalty to you, and be forthcoming about the true conditions of the potential properties
  4. We will work on your behalf representing you as the buyer, and bargain the asking price to the best of our abilities
  5. We will assist you with the actual purchase on the land – either by acting as your power of attorney, or assisting you as your translator while you hire an attorney  – this decision is solely yours